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Admittedly, he wanted Ludo pretty bad. And not just for sex, of course. It was hard to imagine them ever dating, though, but at the same time it seemed very possible. Or at least, a desire in Amos’ heart hoped. He wouldn’t mind giving it a try, but he afraid of losing Ludo if it ended badly. They were friends, good friends, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to lose that. If he brought it up, he also hoped that Ludo wouldn’t think he was weird to think that way. But he couldn’t help it when Ludo was consuming his every thought and breath and touch and taste. When a person does that to you so fast, you can’t really help but want them. Sadly, the thing about Amos and relationships, he tended to think about the end before the beginning. Maybe it wouldn’t go so well. Maybe this was just a fling. Amos didn’t want it to be just a fling, though. And who knows, maybe Ludo and Amos would or could work out.

Amos made a face, staring up a Ludo, thinking about whether or not they were going all the way or not. He had to decide fast. Judging by how Ludo was smiling and blushing and how he could feel his heartbeat against his own, it was obvious that Ludo wasn’t using him. Or he hoped, at least. He was afraid that this was all some kind of joke. The thought of Ludo genuinely liking him seemed rather unusual and unlikely. But hey, he agreed to this date and somehow Amos made him blush, so that was most likely a good sign.

It was bit mad, how this was actually happening for real. Three years ago, or maybe sooner, they probably never would have suspected for something like this to happen. But here it was, happening. Amos was perfectly alright with it, honestly. He wasn’t sure what it was all going to prove, but hopefully it wouldn’t just go off as a useless gesture in their relationship. “If someone comes in, it was all your idea,” Diggory teased, sticking out a tongue at Ludo playfully. Maybe that sounded like a clear enough answer.

He leaned in towards the other male, biting on Ludo’s lower lip, and gently pulled back. He laughed a little, realizing how they weirdly comfortable they were with each other. Amos wondered what Ludo was thinking of as he touched the other Hufflepuff’s warm face, listening to their breathing. He smirked at how Ludo seemed to talk, “That’s cute, mate.” He brought his fingers to the back of Ludo’s neck, refraining from feeling down his spine again, even though the reaction was rather addictive. Amos moved his fingers on that spot, mainly messing around with Ludo’s hair. It was just something about his messy hair that was very fun to play with. “Oh- and you have a cute moan as well, Bagman.” You could practically hear the grinning in Amos’ voice. He moved his hand from the back of Ludo’s neck and ran a single finger down from the bottom of Ludo’s chin, to the middle of the front of his neck, down to his tummy. He talked casually, keeping his eyes on his index finger that touched Ludo’s skin. “I will probably never get tired of it, that moan of yours. But you should really stop being so cute, Ludykins.” Amos poked him on the nose, using his free hand to pull the blanket over them completely, making it more darker. And a little more difficult to breathe over time. “It just makes it more harder to resist you.”

Ludo didn’t really know how to feel about the really uncertain future. It was possible for anything to happen, he was wiling to try at least. Trying to make this date something more was actually up pretty high on his list of wants. Amos was also on that list of things he wanted. The want he felt for him was very much physical but at the same time it was something so much more. He wanted the other boy completely body and mind. The idea of Amos doing this with someone else set off an odd feeling in the core of his stomach. His feeling wasn’t because the idea was so far-fetched but because it was so plausible that either of them could have this sort of ‘situation’ with someone else. Ludo could just as easily kiss someone else and so could Amos but Ludo got the feeling that it wouldn’t be as satisfying as it was to press his lips against the other Hufflepuffs. 

He looked to Amos waiting for his response, that and he was trying to take in the image of the other boy some more. He wanted to be able to recall every detail on Amos’ body. The way he kissed and what his mouth tasted like and how his skin felt. All the details were incredibly trivial but it gave him goosebumps because they were all the things that made up Amos. 

His heart had almost forgotten what it felt like to beat a normal pace. The muscle was working very hard and he could feel it pounding in his chest. It seemed to be hitting against his rib cage as well. Not that it hurt, it was just unnerving to think that one person could make his heart become so erratic. Ludo grinned “Technically, if you recall correctly, you asked me out. You started all this.” He thought that this meant that Amos actually wanted to go all the way with him. He didn’t particularly know what he meant but it couldn’t be heading in a bad direction. It wasn’t a no and it was almost a yes.  

When his lip was bit he felt the slight twinge of pain spread through his body. It made him feel completely the opposite of pain though. It was like whole different sensation. It made him want to kiss him or just have him because this was more teasing than anything.  

"My moan?” He laughed and looked to him enjoying the motions that were being made on his neck too much to move to kiss him. It was like Amos always find some other spot of him to explore that he had forgotten existed. He kept his eyes on him though and when he heard his nickname another small laugh escaped him. It was hard to imagine anything about him being cute. He could consider himself attractive but maybe cute was a bit odd for him. Especially in the situation they were in. Cute wasn’t exactly the first adjective that came to his mind. 

"Well, Diggy-Wiggy, I don’t think I could really get tired of anything of yours." 

The blankets being put over him was a perfect chance. As the blanket covered them more he pushed his hips against Amos more and let his hands rub down the curly haired boys chest. The feeling of his skin never lost it’s effect on him. It just made him want to kiss him and touch as much as he could. He moved his mouth to Amos’ ear and spoke softly his hands still searching and came to a stop at the waistband of his boxers. 

"Is this a yes, Amos?"

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lumos | what are we even doing | idk but it’s getting HAWT


Amos kissed him back, leaning in towards Ludo from where he laid down, slowly losing himself again like he did whenever their lips touched. Amos’ lips stayed ajar when Ludo finally pulled away, right when he wanted to just stay like that. He somewhat had an urge to whine, not exactly finished with kissing the other male on the mouth. To make himself look less stupid, he licked his lips casually. 

He paused for a moment, just looking at the bloke on top of him. He could still hear his heart pounding in his ears and his lips were probably chapped due to the amount of snogging. Amos could feel goosebumps crawling all over his skin as Ludo barely touched him. Each movement belonging to Ludo made it all more captivating. Amos had the same reoccurring thoughts running through his mind. That he wanted Ludo, and that his hands were lovely, and he was lovely, and he just wouldn’t being touched by Ludo every day, and that he’d never get used to his kiss and his touch. He guessed that it was addictive, once you had a taste. Like cream cheese icing or nicotine on a stressful businessman. 

“Ludo, are you suggesting you fuck on the first date?” Amos smirked, raising an eyebrow back at the other male. He licked his lips again, only this time it was in a more suggestive manner. Amos’ smirk grew wider and he gave Ludo a tap on the nose. “How naughty naughty…”

Even though he was keeping his cool, Amos couldn’t help but arch his neck when Ludo kissed it, or chew his lip to disguise his slow pants. His fingers glided up Ludo’s spine as their lips returned to each other, the place where they were most likely meant to be at. 

During the night, Ludo had barely said anything. And now that he was saying something, it’s as though the other male knew what to say to really make Amos’ stomach clench up and his heart have a happy ache. His eyes just stayed on Ludo’s, unsure where to look. The curly haired Hufflepuff’s arms wrapped around Ludo, keeping the taller bloke close to himself.

“I just.. I just want you, too. This is just really.. different.. I don’t know, mate..” He laughed a little, having Ludo’s nose touch his by the tips. “I don’t think I’ve ever really felt this way with a person, so I just need a second to breathe.” Amos spoke truthfully, one of his hands making circles on Ludo’s back with an index finger, his other hand fiddling with the other male’s messy hair. He shut his eyes for a few moments, saying a short sentence. “Breathing near you has became exceeding difficult.”

He wanted to say something in response, but Ludo had already kissed him on the mouth. He wanted to say that he was enjoying this date as well and that he would suggest it to maybe become a regular thing. Or maybe suggest that they stay like this for awhile and not bother moving. And when Ludo had let go to smile, Amos just leaned in for another kiss without a second thought, feeling as though a kiss was more than any words to be said. 

Ludo laughed lightly still trying to catch his breath. His lungs felt drained from the kisses, his body felt hot. It was amazing what just touching lips with another person was doing to him. Amos had lips that made him forget anything else that was going on. He was fairly sure that if he kept kissing him he might forget his name and age. It was incredible. For a moment he just let his eyes take in the sight of the other boy half naked below him. At the realization that he had Amos where he knew a lot of other people would like to have him he felt the heat resurface in his body, it was like a wave coating him in more heat. 

His lungs still tried to fill up with the oxygen they required. He was aware of them filling up and then compressing to push the air back out. Such a trivial thing captured his attention for a moment before his eyes went to Amos’ chest. He watched the other boy slowly breathe and he smiled. He brought his eyes back to meet the other boys eyes “I’m suggesting that I’d have sex with you on the first date yea.” He couldn’t help but smirk and bring his face a bit closer to Amos’. 

The idea of them fucking or having sex or whatever term would be used was something that made him nervous undoubtably but it also had some sort of air of excitement to it. It was like going all the way and finishing what they had begun by making out and becoming so consumed in the kissing but he also felt it might be a bit rash.  He never really cared if things were rash, but in this case he really did care. He wanted Amos to be comfortable because for once he didn’t want to ruin what was going on. 

When he was pulled closer he couldn’t help but smile. He liked, well actually he relished the idea and feeling of being closer to Amos. Liked seemed like to weak a word to use. He wanted to lose himself in the feeling of being in his arms. It was overwhelming his need to just be close to him. 

"You don’t exactly make breathing easy either, Diggory." His name rolled of his tongue with such a seductive tone that he couldn’t help but laugh slightly. It was so hard to describe the effect Amos had on him but taking his breath away was definitely a possible description, metaphorically and literally. 

He wanted to give Amos some space to breathe but found himself still very close and being kept their by strong arms. It was also hard for him to even move when he felt his fingers grace the skin of his back. A moan rose up again and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He placed his head in the nape of Amos’ neck and moaned softly. His mouth merely touching the skin of his neck.  He brought his face back quickly though once he had regained his composure. He smiled to him and was overtaken by another kiss any thoughts that had begun to form were quickly rushed out of his head and were replaced by that familiar need to be as close as possible to Amos. 

Ludo kissed him back and it was something softer than what he really wanted but it was a response. A response to the statement Amos had so clearly said with his lips. He wasn’t sure what his kiss was saying but he wanted to just let him know that whatever he wanted he could have from him. If Amos wanted him like this then he sure as hell could have him. 

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Four Brothers (2005)
↳ Garrett Hedlund as Jack Mercer.  

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lumos | what are we even doing | idk but it’s getting HAWT


Whenever he felt a noise escape from Ludo’s mouth onto his, it just made him want to shiver and lean in further and to respond in every way possible. 

Amos wasn’t sure but until today he didn’t realize how desirable Ludo could actually be. He used to look at him as just another person. Who, admittedly, was attractive and flirted with from time to time. But this- this was much different. Somehow his brain was finding something new and was eager to learn about it, this bizarre feeling that was a mixture of most of the seven deadly sins. Sloth, Greed, Lust, Gluttony… and he hoped that the others left out wouldn’t be involved. With sins like those, and a bloke like Ludo, he was willing to sin.

It was lovely to feel the other male smile when they kissed or hear him moan or anything that just made Amos want to go crazy in this weird positive way. It was lovely to just.. be here with Ludo… like this, touching and holding each other like this. Amos continued to fiddle with the waist of Ludo’s underwear, hoping that these thoughts weren’t as cheesy as he thought they were. 

“I dunno, mate, uh.” He licked his lips, suddenly scared that he was going to stumble on his words from lack of thinking and being in the presence of the bloke he now fancied. And not only was he in the presence of, but they were touching and everything and Amos felt like he had been waiting for this to happen for quite awhile. “It can go wherever your heart desires, I-I guess,” he added, breathing somewhat heavy. He felt as though if Ludo made any more movements with his hips, or any movement that would cause Amos to moan, he was sure that he would lose it completely. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. Amos’ eyes drooped somewhat, but he was able to see fairly well and Ludo looked so pretty, even though his face was so red and his hair was all over the place and lighting was dim. Merlin, he could barely believe this was happening now. It was like some strange realization that just hit Amos in the head. “Whatever you want, I p-probably want it also.” 

Ludo couldn’t help but shake his head slightly a smirk forming on his lips. He brought his lips back to Amos to kiss him gently. It wasn’t like the other kisses it was soft and when he removed his lips he smiled fully. He lifted up his body and moved his right hand from the other boys undergarments. He brought the hand to his hip bone and lightly traced his fingers down the V that his body naturally made. He let his hand dangerously close to the only part of the other boy that he hadn’t seen. He let his pointer finger hook into the waist band again. He smirked raising an eyebrow. 

"You sure you don’t wanna tell me what you want?" He wanted Amos to tell him what he wanted so that way he could tease him a bit. If he didn’t know what he wanted he couldn’t really taunt the other boy as much as he wanted to. He let his left hand trace up Amos’ body and to the other boys hair. He ran his fingers through it grabbing slowly at the curls and then letting them go only to repeat the process. He let his mouth get closer to the other boys but he didn’t touch them. He moved head slightly so that he could kiss his cheek and then his kisses trailed downwards onto the his neck. 

He didn’t like the fact that Amos seemed so nervous and he wondered if he had done something wrong but he tried not to let it show on his face not that it would make much of a difference with his face shoved into the curly haired boys neck. He kissed it softly again before bringing his mouth back to the other mouth, the mouth that he wanted to be back on his own and the mouth he wanted to kiss. 

"So, you sure you don’t know? I’d be fine with whatever. I just want to be with you." His face turned a deeper shade of red making his eyes really stand out against his face. He realized how odd he sounded when he said that but he meant it. 

"You know, I’m really glad I went on this date with you Amos. I don’t think I realized it till now but I’ve always wanted to see if you were a good kisser." He brought their lips together for another short kiss. He smiled separating their lips again "You are."

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